Tenth Anniversary of Kabeltechnik Mathuse GmbH (KAMA)

10th anniversary of the company Kabeltechnik Mathuse GmbH

Tenth Anniversary of Kabeltechnik Mathuse GmbH (KAMA)


Kabeltechnik Mathuse GmbH (KAMA) celebrated its ten-year anniversary in June 2017.

This was an excellent opportunity to look back on the company’s beginning and its progress so far.

Thomas Mathuse set off on a determined path toward entrepreneurial independence when he founded Kabeltechnik Mathuse GmbH. Soon afterward we began representing selected, innovative cable plants.

Today we also market our own cables under the brand name KAMAflex.

Our turnover increased continually over the next ten years. We have the trust of our customers and business partners and our positive working relationship with them to thank for the solid growth.

We would like to thank everyone who came along on our journey.

As a special cable expert, KAMA has offered users of special cables professional support from a single source since the beginning.

This includes first-rate, in-depth expertise in the design and development of special cables as well as all the technological skills needed to produce customised, intelligent and affordable special cables.

Over the course of these ten years, we have successfully supported numerous projects in the automation and sensor technology sectors. We recall them with pride and gratitude.

The economy has picked up significantly and we are well placed to address the rapidly increasing demand for innovative, high-quality special cables and complex system solutions with our KAMArapid service. And because we offer delivery times of less than five weeks, even for very complex cable structures, special cable users are more interested than ever.

As for the next ten years, we are still motivated to make every effort to assist and support our customers as partners in addressing their individual needs in the best possible way. We are looking forward to working together on many new projects and innovations.

as at June 2017