Service features

We store your cable up to 12 months in our stock free of charge.

For your constant demand we offer drop shipment directly from the production place. For your safety we keep a safety stock in our warehouse to cover even peaks of demand or potential production fluctuations.

You know only hours before delivery which cable you need for your device? In these cases our consignment stock service might help you to reduce time and costs.

Let us talk about the basic conditions.

Our logistic partner introduced such a system years ago and keep it alive even day.

  • Development cooperation

    These are requirements where it is necessary to involve e.g. raw material supplier. We prepare with our partners a schedule and we will inform you automatically about reached goals.

    You will always know at which development stage we work and when this project should be completed.

  • Homologation service

    You need a special permission for your cable? We will find the best homologation unit for you and we will execute the process to satisfy your customer.

  • Inspection of the production

    You like to see whether the production complies with your requirements concerning cleanness, traceability of products and final inspection? Please visit our production partners together with us.
    You are welcome.

  • In-house-exhibition

    You like us to answer the questions of your customers?

    We will assemble our mobile exhibition booth at the place you like us to be.

  • Provision of production capacity

    Especially in times where the workload of cable factories is high and the lead times have the tendency to increase we make sure the production time does not increase beyond the agreed frame.

    Please ask us.

  • Certificate of analysis

    Every now and than customers ask for a special analysis of a third party.

    We will be pleased to satisfy these wishes.

  • Specification in the language of the country of your customer

    If you have customers abroad and they like to get a specification in their language we will provide you with that.

  • Packaging service

    You need e.g. a seaworthy packaging or you need a delivery of cable in pieces on support frames?

    We will manage this for you.

  • Transparency

    We work transparent with our customers and production partners.

    You could always visit with us the factory which produce your cable.

Within a defined range of products we produce cable with in 3 weeks, sometimes even faster.

Very often we could provide you material samples of the compounds we suggest to use to comply with your construction tasks.

Sometimes this is not sufficient to evaluate whether a cable could satisfy your vision. In thes cases we produce a pilot run cable and you could evaluate it.

We even supply you with harnesses of our cable.

Do you need your cable in helix?

Duly we fulfill your wish.