300/500V -50°C +90°C TPE multifunctional cable for flexing

icon for temperature range up -50°C to 90°Cicon for halogen free. KAMAflex cable is halogen free.icon for oil resistance at 100°Cicon for KAMAflex cable with reduced outer diametericon for torsional stress KAMAflex cablegood chemical resistance. The Kamaflex cables are good chemical resistant.icon for to be used even outside. KAMAflex cable is used even outside.KAMAflex cable for festoon systemsicon for KAMAflex cable for cable chains with long travel distance


KAMAflex 14-004 3x1,0mm² 300/500V -50°C +90°C TPE multifunctional cable for flexing and for an extended temperature range
KAMAflex 14-004 3×1,0mm² 300/500V -50°C +90°C TPE multifunctional cable for flexing


Article group:

KAMAflex 14


3×1,0 mm² bare copper strands

Core insulation:

low capacitance TPO KAMAX 100

Core identification:

black cores with white numbers and green/yellow


in optimized length of lay around a tear resistant center element

Assembly aid:

rip cord


abrasion resistant TPO KAMAX 300

Outer diameter:

5,4 mm ± 0,20 mm

Special features:

good resistance against hydraulic fluids,
outstanding resistance against changes in temperature,
even applicable in festoons