UL 300V 80°C chain cable for under water usage

icon for temperature range up -40 to +80°Cicon for halogen free. KAMAflex cable is halogen free.icon for low capacitance, KAMAflex cable is low capacitanticon for oil resistance at 100°Cicon for to be used even outside. KAMAflex cable is used even outside.icon for continuously applicable under water, KAMAflex cable is continuously applicable under watericon for CSA approved, KAMAflex cable with CSA approvalicon for cUL or UL AWM approved, KAMAflex cable with UL approvalicon for cable for cable chains with short travel distance


KAMAflex 11-012 3x0,34 mm² continuous flexing sensor chain cable for under water usage
KAMAflex 11-012 3×0,34 mm² chain cable for under water application with UL approval


Articel group:

KAMAflex 11


3xAWG22 (0,34 mm²) bare copper strands

Core insulation:

high mechanical resistant low capacitance polyolefinic plastic compound

Core identification:

white, brown, green (DIN 47100)


in layers


for the application developed special barriers and UL /CSA approved water protected, abrasion resistant with optimized gliding abilities based on TPU

Outer diameter:

4,6 mm ± 0,20 mm


www.Kabeltechnik-Mathuse.com Kamaflex 11-012 CE RoHS II E473897 cULus AWM 80°C 300V VW-1 AWM I/II A/B 80°C 300V FT1 IEC 60332-1 water protected jacket

Special features:

Cable has to be able to resist water pressure in 500m depth (transversal water protected).


Sample is available