UL 300V 80°C CAT 5e chain cable

icon for low capacitance, KAMAflex cable is low capacitanticon for oil resistance at 100°Cicon for emc compliant, KAMAflex cable are emc complianticon for torsional stress KAMAflex cableicon for CSA approved, KAMAflex cable with CSA approvalicon for cUL or UL AWM approved, KAMAflex cable with UL approvalicon for cable for cable chains with short travel distance


KAMAflex 81-1034 4x2xAWG26/19 UL 300V 80°C shielded ETHERCAT5e chaincable
KAMAflex 81-1034 4x2xAWG26/19 UL 300V 80°C ETHERCAT5e chaincable


Article group:

KAMAflex 81


19 tinned copper strands

Core insulation:

Special polyolefin KAMAX 121

Core identification:

blue, blue-white
orange, orange-white
green, green-white
brown, brown-white

Assembly pairs:

each color pair twisted together

Total assembly:

pairs twisted together in layers and wrapped with tape


Alumina / plastic tape, alumina outside


tinned copper strands coverage nom. 90% and wrapped with a tape


abrasion resistant TPU KAMAX 210

Outer diameter:

7,2 mm ± 0,20 mm

Special features:

Cable has to comply with requirements PROFINET type C and ETHERCAT 5e,
Cable should be useable in cable chains,
abrasion resistant jacket,
halogen free